Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Overall Tips & Warnings

Repeated tips and explanations to remember for your own job interview questions and answers:

Step 1 Explanation:
Keep it positive while discussing some negative parts. Don’t try to do all positive; you’re not fooling anyone! We’re all human, and there are plenty of examples both positive and negative if you dig deep enough.

Step 2 Explanation:
This also keeps it positive. I also listed some skills that you learned. The only negative part was that I was little bored. I didn’t say anything bad about my boss or that I wanted more money.

Step 3 Explanation:
This shows that were you a good leader, by helping your team and working efficiently. But, most importantly, you really want to improve yourself and learn because you took the time to ask for help from the people that know what their doing while mentoring them in what you're good at.

Warning: Use these job interview questions and answers as templates, don't try to memorize anything. The objective is to be yourself. If you come off as very robotic, your interviewers will sense that probably not give you the job.

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